Colorstay Browlights™ Pencil

Natural-looking eyebrows. Lustrous finish.



Get the natural-looking brow shape you want in seconds — without the hassle of hard-to-use eyebrow fillers — with this foolproof waterproof eyebrow pencil that you just can't get wrong and wears for up to 16 hours. It's one-part matte eyebrow color, the other part glistening sheen, with an ultra-soft Kabuki brush for blending, so your brows have a touch of natural-looking luster.


• Our two-toned eyebrow pomade pencil is incredibly fast and easy to use. In fact, there's no wrong way to apply it!​
• And if you really want to get simple, all you need is one swipe to fill and enhance your brows for a natural look. It's your brows, but better!​
• This eyebrow pencil is loaded with a velvety pomade that glides on super smoothly​
• The brow-matching matte shade fills and enhances your eyebrow shape, while the illuminating shade adds a naturally luminous effect that you'll wonder how you lived without.​
• You'll obsess over the luxuriously soft Kabuki brush, with its densely packed bristles to buff, blend, and polish your eyebrows for a natural end look​
• The best part? Your natural-looking, lustrous eyebrows will last all day! This eyebrow pencil wears up to 16 hours!​
• Plus, our eyebrow filler is waterproof, fade-proof, and smudge-proof, without that sticky feeling you get from many pomades